Paid User Research

Paid User Research

Get paid $25 to record a video going through my product onboarding.


I’m collecting onboarding videos to understand the process of a new user at the first time they use Black Magic. This allows me to see the problems and the frustrations that I can’t experience myself.

How it works

  • You record a screen share video of you going through the onboarding process of desktop browser extension and mobile app.
  • You send the recording to me.
  • I’ll pay you $25 via PayPal.
Note that you are not required to pay for the product, since there is a 14-day trial.


  • You must be a new user. If you are already a user, you cannot join.
  • The recording must starts before you install the extension, and ends after the onboarding process is finished.
  • The recording must at least show your screen, mouse movements, and keyboard typings. Commentary and face cam is optional (but I’ll appreciate if you include those πŸ˜„).

Important Stuff (Terms and Conditions)

  • I can only watch so much recordings, so I’ll only pay for 1 video per week.
  • If your recording is the only one in the week, you will sure be paid.
  • If I receive more than one recording per week, the other recordings will be pushed back to the week after.
  • If there are too many recordings, I will pick a random one, watch, and pay. The other recordings will remain in the β€œbacklog” indefinitely and I can’t promise I’ll get to them (ever).
  • Please only send me the recording if you are ok with all of the above.


  • I will only pay via PayPal, so you must have a working PayPal account.
  • You can trade $25 for a Black Magic subscription discount if you prefer. In such case, you don’t need a PayPal account.

Get started

You can start anytime! Whenever you have the recording ready, submit here:
Tony Dinh