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Magic Sidebar by BlackMagic.so - Powerful enhanced experience for Twitter | Product HuntMagic Sidebar by BlackMagic.so - Powerful enhanced experience for Twitter | Product Hunt

"By far the most superior Twitter analytics product in the indie hackers space. I've been using it for a few days now, and it's really impressive."

A headshot of Simon Høiberg
Simon Høiberg
CEO @ FeedHive

"Black Magic has revealed insights I never knew about. The ability to see past interactions with individual profiles is the killer feature for me."

A headshot of Daniel Vassallo
Daniel Vassallo

Powerful Twitter Analytics

without leaving Twitter
2 clicks away from your dashboard full of insights and metrics

Build relationships

engage easier with people
Automatically sync your Twitter Lists and get ready in 30 seconds

Remember everyone

see past interactions, tags, private notes,...
Find out if a person have liked/retweeted/replied to any of your tweets before. The sooner you start tracking, the more data you have.

Hear from the pros:

Justin Welsh avatar
Justin Welsh
"Black Magic changed my Twitter game completely"
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It's the best Twitter experience ever

Get more followers

Engage with your audience and peers easily
Search replies, respond quick and easy
Track engagements from followers/strangers
Reminders to help you keep in touch with your favorite people

Every tweet is tracked in real-time

You won't find this level of detail anywhere else.

Track how your tweets perform over time
Compare with your average tweets
Understand why a tweet takes off
Track your consistency, followers, engagements, etc.

Draft, Schedule, Publish, Engage.

Do all of that without leaving Twitter.

Schedule Tweets & Threads 🧵
Discover best time to tweet
Get tweet inspirations everyday

Your Personal Twitter CRM

Manage your audience, communicate better and easier.

Write private notes for everyone
Set reminders (to reply in DM, follow up, etc.)
See past interactions with individual people
Organize your tweets into categories

Daily/Weekly Report Email

Comprehensive reports and insights.

Tweets performance reports 📊
Find out your record breaking tweets 👑
New famous followers
Account Summary

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Testimonial on Twitter: Just tried Magic Sidebar by Black Magic and I'm shook by just how incredible it is! Adding into the marketing toolkit for all of my clients. #magicsidebar
Testimonial on Twitter: Just installed Black Magic chrome extension. Hands down one of the best in-product onboarding experiences I've ever had, well done
Testimonial on Twitter: BlackMagic is exactly how a comprehensive and detailed Twitter analytics tool should be and then, some more. As of today, nothing comes anywhere near it!
Testimonial on Twitter: Using Black Magic has completely changed how I use Twitter and interact with people around here.

Customer Reviews

Yogini Bende's avatar

Yogini Bende

5 out of 5 stars

This is the best Twitter based chrome extension I have used. The insights of analytics you get on this are so helpful in building the right audience. The best feature is Most Engaging Hours, this gave me the perfect reach for my tweets. Great work Tony 👏🏼

Totally recommended as Tony have done brilliant job in curating each and every feature of this!

Long Nguyen's avatar

Long Nguyen

5 out of 5 stars

This extension is incredibly helpful for building and growing an audience on Twitter. I've been using it for awhile and I absolutely loved it. The UI looks slick, clean and very informative. The best thing is I can see all the metrics, even within 24h period. All within the Twitter.com page.

If you're on Twitter and want to get the most of it, give this extension a try. You will not regret!

Vritika Naik's avatar

Vritika Naik

5 out of 5 stars

A little late in getting it but undoubtedly this is the best way to increase engagement and activity on Twitter. The Tweet Inspirations and Most engaging hours is a really helpful tool to increase activity on Profile. The profile stats (especially Consistency) is my personal favourite feature! Tony's Twitter Growth tools are indeed a boon to all! Excited to see what's next.

Gene Maryushenko's avatar

Gene Maryushenko

5 out of 5 stars

Love it! It's like a bunch of Twitter tools that you'd pay a ton of money for combined into one! The only thing missing now is scheduled tweets and I can cancel my subs for 3 other tools. Love the fact that you can now categorize tweets into bookmark folders and take notes on individual accounts. Pretty cool that you don't have to leave Twitter to see all of these things unlike other platforms. Can't wait to see what else is in store...

Philip Young Gunawan's avatar

Philip Young Gunawan

5 out of 5 stars

Black magic is amazing – a must have product if you're serious about growing your Twitter audience. I can see how my tweets perform and know immediately which one deliver the best result!

The analytics is simple, yet insightful. I have tweets that have little impression, but huge comments + likes. Some with high impression doesn't even have any engagement.

You won't get this kind of information without processing your data before hand.

Black magic shows it immediately.

Felix Müller's avatar

Felix Müller

5 out of 5 stars

It lifts Twitter on the next level for me. Makes it easy to have multiple conversations with my loyal followers, see when I should interact and gives a great overview. Honestly, I wonder why Twitter did not already have this.

I recommend everyone who takes Twitter a bit more seriously to use this extension.

Ramya Chinnadurai's avatar

Ramya Chinnadurai

5 out of 5 stars

As a twitter user, I felt like, it's an extension of twitter, with detailed graphs like top interactions, most engaging hours and lot more features in-build 🔥. I love using this extension daily.

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