Enable Team features and add new accounts to Black Magic

Team features

  • You can invite (and remove) your team members using an invite link.
  • Your team members can access all the premium features of Black Magic.
  • You manage and pay the subscription cost for the whole team.
  • Optional: upgrade your account to Business Plan to view and export your team members’ data. Currently, we support Data Export & Sync via Google Sheet and CSV/JSON export via APIs (Beta).

Enable Team Account

  1. Go to https://blackmagic.so/dashboard/team
  1. Enter your Team name and click “Enable Team Account”
notion image
  1. Copy invite link and send to your team members. Note that the request READ-ONLY access checkbox is optional and only available for accounts with Business plan.
notion image
  1. Your team member will receive a link to authorize their Twitter account and join your team.
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Got questions?

Feel free to reach out to us at support@blackmagic.so