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Referral Program –

Give your friends/audience this $10 discount code and enjoy 50%* revenue share. Win-win.

How referral works

You will receive a special discount code (e.g. TONY_10), it will be a $10 off discount for all plans.
You will also receive an affiliate link (like
When a new customer visit the link and purchase a subscription within 30 days with this discount code, you will receive:
  • 50% of their subscription value in the first 2 months.
  • If the customer subscribe to an annual plan, you will be paid 100% of 2 months from their subscription value.
  • Earning are calculated from net revenue only (after tax, discount, and payment processing fee).


  • Payment for your earnings will be made only 30 days after the customer’s payment is made. This is to make sure there is no refund request from the customers.
  • Payment will be made only via PayPal (you must have a working PayPal account).
  • Payment date is the 1st of every month. Minimum payment amount is $100. (If you need to withdraw with less than $100, please send me an email, I’m happy to support case by case.)


Example 1: annual subscription

A customer subscribed to Pro plan annually worth $191:
  • Actual price after TONY_10 discount code: $191 - $10 = $181
  • Paddle payment processing fee (5% + 0.5c): $217.2 * 0.05 + 0.5 = $11.36
  • Net revenue: $181 - $11.36 = $169.64
  • Your earning per customer: $169.64 / 12 * 2 = $28.27

Example 2: monthly subscription

A customer subscribed to Pro plan monthly worth $19.99:
  • Monthly price after TONY_10 discount code:
    • First month: $19.99 - $10 = $9.99
    • Second month: $19.99
    • Total: $29.98
    • (if the customer cancel after 1st month, the total will be $9.99, all calculations following will be re-calculated based on this number)
  • Paddle payment processing fee (5% + 0.5c/transaction): $35.98 * 0.05 + 0.5 * 2 = $2.8
  • Net revenue: $29.98 - $2.8 = $27.18
  • Your earning per customer: $27.18 * 0.5 = $13.59
(All numbers are in USD)

Affiliate + Recurring revenue share

If you refer at least 1 customer per month for at least 2 consecutive months, you will be eligible to join our Affiliate Program.
Affiliate Program Benefits:
  • 15% recurrent revenue share (net revenue, same calculation as the referral program).
  • You will also be paid for all of your previous referred customers.
  • You can access a real-time affiliate dashboard where you can see your referred traffic, revenue, and more.
  • Unlock 25% recurrent revenue share after you referred 100 customers.

How to join

Very simple. Login to, then click your Profile Menu → Referral Code then follow the instructions.
notion image
Once you have your code, you can share your referral link as follow:
Or to apply the code manually:


  • Let’s just not involve lawyers and do all this in good faith.
  • I may update these terms later and will notify you via your registered email when I do.
  • As the terms may change in the future. You should take a PDF export of this whole page as a part of your Referral program registration, including the “How it works”, “Payments”, and the “Examples” section for later reference.
Last updated: 3 Feb, 2022


5 Jan, 2022
Initial document
3 Feb, 2022
Update the parameter ref to aff. Old links with ref will still works until 3 Jun 2022.
17 Mar, 2022
Update the “Payments” section to add the scheduled payment date and minimum payment amount.
We are a 99% self-service company. You can do almost everything things by yourself without contacting a human, including cancel and refund payments! Please check the FAQs below for more info.


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