Help Desk/How to view analytics from multiple accounts for Team

How to view analytics from multiple accounts for Team

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Account & Subscription

Can I pay monthly instead of yearly?
How to switch from annual to monthly subscription (or vice versa)
How to upgrade/downgrade my subscription?
How to restart my free trial
Can I get a refund?
How to cancel your Black Magic subscription
How to self-refund your subscription
How to delete your account
How to remove API access to your Twitter account

Black Magic Features

How do I make the Magic Sidebar not overlap with Twitter UI?
Why does Black Magic not show stats of my old tweets?
Why does Black Magic not reflect my latest stats?
How to stop the banner/profile progress bar?
How to force update the engagement tracking
Why my Scheduled Tasks in the sidebar failed?
How to draft and schedule tweets with Black Magic
How to import your tweets archive to Black Magic
How to use Black Magic's integration with Zapier
How to Re-authorize Twitter Permissions

Manage multiple Twitter accounts (Team)

What is Black Magic for Business?
How to access multiple accounts in Black Magic
How to add multiple accounts to Black Magic with Team feature
How to view analytics from multiple accounts for Team

Get Data from Black Magic

Is there an API to get data from Black Magic?
How to export (CSV) Top Interactions
How to export (CSV) tweet engagements of a specific tweet

Mobile Apps

How to create login code
How to use Black Magic Mobile app: Share Popup

Referral & Discount

Referral Program –
Influencers Discount
How to apply discount code


How to collect debug information to investigate browser extension issues

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